#Cahootify – An online community like no other.

Do you have a dream? A personal ambition, or a fantastic idea but just lack the support from others? Cahootify could be the saving grace to all of your problems.

What is Cahootify?

Cahootify is an online based recruitment scheme for your own, or someone else’s BIG idea. As a relatively new concept Cahootify (V2) was only founded a few months ago and is constantly growing with new members.

Cahootify provides experience on all levels. Students and professionals now have the opportunity to either share their skills on a project of someone else’s or offer an chance for others to get on board with theirs. The website is super easy to use and navigate with a huge number of features to make the experience so much easier. Underneath a members name is a sequence of green and gray bubbles with words in them. The green ones are skills of the member they have demonstrated previously on a project, for example; photographer. The gray ones are those which the member hasn’t yet demonstrated. The website also lists members in order of activeness putting those most active at the top and those less active at the bottom. Once someone applies for the role, the project manager or leader decides who should have it.

Linkedin VS Cahootify.

We have all heard of Linkedin and perhaps think Cahootify is a bit of a rip off? Wrong. Cahootify, rather than focussing on selling a person wants to sell the project itself. It was specifically designed for creating and helping others inUntitled-1 projects rather than assist in someone’s career. Plus, if you’re reading this and under 30, chances are you hate Linkedin anyway. It probably doesn’t do what you want it do and you don’t get chance to showcase the skills you have on current projects. Cahootify offers the luxury of making yourself better at the same time of advertising yourself. Cahootify plan on expanding their client base by mainly targeting universities and the future workforce, this is where they saw a gap in the market at the majority of students, like myself aren’t on Linkedin. They also are acting as peoples PR’s. By ringing someone uo and asking if they want them to create an account for those who are simply too busy. They are also crediting people online for example within someone’s work so they notice that Cahootify is out there.


Film making on #Cahootify

If you think you have a great idea for a short film but don’t have the skills, or time to complete every position the Cahootify is, if not the only place to go. Posting your idea as a tile with a list of the positions needed will allow follow Cahooters to join in the fun. You can recruit anybody from camera staff, to editors, to scriptwriters so there really isfilmmaking-business4 no reason for failure. Once your piece is complete marketing it on Cahootify is easy. All you do is upload the film to Vimmeo or YouTube then copy and paste in the link into the project portfolio. Tap, tap, boom as they say. As with anything, some people are better than others, and on Cahootify this is recognised not only by what is on somebody’s profile, but also how many points they have. The more points they have the more recognised they are, the more recognised they are the more recognition your project gets, the more recognition your project gets the easier the positions fill up…Simple.

Finding the right team for the job is vital. This is more likely to happen if you create a good online presence. This can be done in a number of ways however the most important thing someone can do is, ensure you keep ALL your social media current and up to date. Google says ‘no presence is better than outdated presence’. Creating good online presence is also done by focusing on a particular subject. Doing this will create you your own ‘niche’ audience who actually want to be reading what you have to say rather than something they don’t. Online presence and success can be measured on websites like Klout and TweetReach.

Post Production

Once you have produced your masterpiece you need to market it and show it to the world. We can do this through all social media. If your short film is over 30 seconds long, a good idea would be to create a teaser trailer and use the ‘pinned post’ taxonomy of Twitter. If this is less than 30 seconds long, the video will then play automatically. We also have to take advantage of the hashtag when using Twitter and Instagram. Using the right hashtag will connect you with other filmmakers and allow you to recognise each other. A great way of finding the correct hashtag is using Hashtagify.me this allows you to search for a term which then brings up the most popular hashtags. Within Facebook we can constantly put out unlimited status’ directing them to where we want them to go. Either to see our work or to another platform, including Blogs. On Facebook we can also upload video’s or photos which again can show interest in a subject but also just turn people’s heads a little.  Promoting ourselves or our products on blogs is a great way of marketing your work. Keeping your blog up to date gives a chance to tell your fans what you’re currently working on. This could be done by telling them or through a blog calendar similar to mine. We can also follow other blogs and bloggers in the same subject area. This is a great way of getting other film makers to recognise you exist and are interested in the same hobbies as them. You can also get film makers badges which show you are part of the online film making community. Another key factor to not only gaining recognition but also trust is to get on sites such as IMDB and Wikipedia. You can do this by completing a submission form

The future of Cahootify.

Cahootify is currently targeting universities and colleges up and down the country (including mine) to attract the future workforce in the media industry to sign up. It wants to offer universities ‘hubs’ where private projects can be uploaded for just


the university students. This will come as a cost to the university but will also act as a server for backing up a students work, win win. ‘We charge not to share, than to share’

In the near future Cahootify has a whole range of additional features it wants to introduce. Cahootify says it will always be a ‘Freemium Service’ this means that the core aspects will always be free however some of the features being introduced will cost. For example; the ability to manage a project through a group chat, creating lists of favourites (people and projects) and ability to upload directly to the website rather than through another site.

Features I would like to see added to Cahootify inculde –

  • The ability to share straight to other platforms (Twitter, YouTube etc.)
  • A list of recommended users depending on your projects genre (Comedy, Horror etc.)
  • The ability to reject someone from all other projects
  • The ability to add feedback to someone’s profile, similar to eBay.

I believe adding these features could create an easier, and more structured place to work and create the enviroment people feel comfortable in.


Good Content, What makes it?

We all know what good content is but not actually what makes it? This is a very broad statement as how can we define ‘good’? Good to me may not be good to you I believe when I am looking for good online content it has to be funny… Thats what I am online most of the time for. However we could be looking for genuine information and here is a list of what I believe would make good online content in that area.

  • Strong Title and Subtitles
  • Origional content
  • Good Stucture and Length
  • Clear Purpose
  • Clear Audience
  • Graphics (Pictures and Videos)
  • Shareable; buttons and content.

Here is a screenshot of one of my favourite blog demonstrating their good online content.21

All I want for Christmas is…

Christmas is fast approaching and although its not quite time to panic for what to get people yet, it will be soon. I’m sure we’ve all heard of the Black Friday sales? Well these have been and gone and to be honest, they were nothing special. When I finally found something I wanted, cued up for an hour to buy it to find out, ‘this brand isn’t included in the sale’.

So instead of buying this year, I have decided to ask and more importantly hope. Kids are a nightmare to buy for, but even worse is the saying ‘What can you get the boy who has everything’ so please refrain. Instead, why not think outside of the box? I have this year and I’m just hoping my family love it. My brother has a pair of trick skis on the way and a lesson at the indoor ski slope at Xscape. Genius I know. All that for 20 quid… Better than the scratchcards the year before.

1070a4cI always struggle buying girls presents which is why nobody has one yet. I ask and they say ‘nothing’ then get nothing and complain. I just cant win. So any ideas are very much welcomed people.

But anyway, I’m here to tell you what you can buy people, not tell you about my struggles so here are a few great ideas.

Stocking Fillers :

Smart Phone Projector : Simply a bit of cardboard but I wouldn’t mind waking up to one. Once built you place your phone in the back and an image is projected onto the wall. Either a film or pictures…


Pom Pom Keyring : The whole world has gone crazy over these recently and I had to buy someone one because I broke theirs. Cheap and Cheerful.


 For the main present, I can’t imagine a hoverboard not being on everyone’s christmas list, right? These are available at all kinds of shops in a range of colours and prices. The best site I have found offered them in a range of colours for around the £200 mark. There has also been a huge amount of ‘fake’ hoverboards made which (a) dont work and (b) can be dangerous so do try buy from a recognised dealer.

I however want something totally different this year, something that I wont get bored of after a week. I want some Pioneer SB2-DDJ mixers (DJ Decks). These would be an awsome present for any teenager I would imagine and at £190 aren’t rediculously priced. They are widely available from all over the UK. Check out this video

To Ski, Or Not To Ski…

Me a skier, and my friend a non skier, teamed up to talk about the ups and downs of skiing. Me personally, I found non however Luke had a list longer than my ski’s themselves.

I explained that you get a totally different feeling when you’re skiing, a freedom, like how there is nothing to stop you doing whatever you please. He simply replied in his monotone non skier voice ‘It’s Cold though’. I did explain to him how you don’t actually ski in shorts and t-shirt however he still wasn’t having any of it. I suggested we went to Xscape Castlefordjust to prove how good it was but the arctic temperature just put him off. Personally I think he was scared of making an absolute fool of himself which is understandable I suppose. I’ll get him there one day, watch this space.

I went on to tell stories about the skiing trips over Europe with school and what a time we had, just me and the boys and when I thought he may have been coming round to the idea, he started talking about how he would rather play Zorb Football. Personally I don’t have time for sports like that but he did say how much fun it was. So fun he’s wrote a whole blog post on it over at (Play Zorb Football) and it does sound like a good laugh, however will someone please explain to him how it will never beat hitting the slopes?